Wood Fabrication

Custom Design & Design Improvement

We will take your idea or design and fabricate it to your requirements and make improvements to it if necessary. If there are techniques or materials that we feel can improve your design, we will let you know. We have many years of experience and may think of something that had not occurred to you.

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Our 100 watt laser will cut many woods. Very precise cuts can be made with a laser and we use it when parts need to be nested together, like in a puzzle. We can also engrave woods with our laser. Engraving wood gives it a burnt look, often contrasting with the natural wood.

CNC Routing

Our 5' x 8' CNC router will cut any wood in any thickness up to 2". It has a 25 horse vacuum pump to firmly hold down the sheet while cutting. It will precisely drill holes, add a rabbet, and cut straight lines or exotic curves.

Lathe Carvings

We use our lathe for shaping wood, typically making legs for our display cases. We can add detail to the wood and create a unique look or copy a design that you already have to provide a consistent look.


One of the most important parts of a finished wood piece. We have sanding capabilities from 100 grit to 3000 grit, to give the piece the smooth surface that you are looking for. If the sanding is done right, the wood will have an even finish. This is important before the wood is stained or sealed.

Staining & Finishing

We stain and finish all wood to your desired finish. By doing this, it changes the appearance of the wood, many times highlighting the grain or features of the wood species. We can also paint the wood if desired.

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